Hervé Nodé-Langlois

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Born in Paris in 1951, Hervé Nodé-Langlois moved to Venelles, near Aix-en-Provence, in 1987. His degree in management from Paris IX Dauphine and a successful career spent exporting wine entailed travel and the discovery of lands, landscapes, and seascapes sparking, fueling and uncovering a remarkable latent talent which has become an absorbing passion. Enrolling in a succession of schools of painting and graphic arts beginning at the ABC School of Design in Paris, an”atelier libre” in Tacoma, Washington State, in the United States, and continuing at the Claude Rico-Robert studio for oil painting at Boulogne Billancourt – using the Martenot method – and more recently in short courses, stages in drawing and oils offered by the Association of Indendent Artists of Aix-en-Provence. En 2006 he joins the Marchutz school of painting in order to reseach and expand his oil painting method.
Hervé Nodé Langlois

Certain oils are painted on a raised frame allowing the visible edge of the canvas to harmonize with the frame support. Recently he has experimented with the wide canvas creating panoramic views specifically suited to his lands and seascapes.






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