Shared emotion

I like to create from what I see and feel. Nature, landscapes, the people we meet are inexhaustible sources of inspiration.

Hervé Nodé-Langlois

I work the elements. As this work progresses, the soul of the painting appears, transforms, asserts itself to end in a multitude of colored vibrations. The essential is laid on the canvas. Needless to say, the harmony would be shattered. I then feel a very great emotion and my happiness consists in sharing it with you !

My oils on canvas :

  • portraits
  • landscapes
  • marines
  • vineyards
  • panoramic
  • contract works

The birth of an oil painting

To start the creation process, you have to first want to produce, and then go to what is called the “site”, in this case a point of view to find the right spot.

A landscape

On foot, I can stop, take a step back, step right, step left, and feel elated for the pattern.

I start with sketches, illustrations. With stokes of preparatory work I am getting to know my subject.

I soak up the atmosphere, the colours, the light and the shadows. My gaze melts into nature, to extract the truth.




Dividing my time between the studio and the work on the motif, my canvases present an array of portraits and landscapes known to my travels.

My palette celebrates my passion for the visual world, the love of nature and the human being. My happiness is to bring together in my life “profession and vocation”, “talent and passion”. My job as an exporter allows me to discover beautiful and exotic regions which inspires me to seize and share moments of pure emotion.

My greatest pleasure

Sur le motif : Hervé peint en plein air
Hervé au travail
Transmission de l'œuvre à un heureux client

The essentials to master your subject


The dimensions of the parts, the distribution of volumes, I build, I construct my theme.

Domaine de Font Alba

With the primary colours I prepare my palette, the assembly of tones corresponds to my vision of the whole.


As I work, the soul of the painting appears, transforms, asserts itself.

On request


If you are looking for an original gift for your loved ones, I can paint the portrait of a child, relative or friend.

I work mainly from photographs and preferably with oil paint.

- Hervé Nodé-Langlois

Don’t hesitate to contact me

I’m here to make your wishes come true !


6, rue Frédéric Mistral
13770 Venelles